empowerment through critical reading and writing
"Life can only be understood backwards. In the meantime, it has to be lived forward”.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Finding Voice

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Am From/ Adarienne Laing

I am from the 7th wonder
Six before me
I grew up in a small village
That is called Freeport
Where the sidewalks were made
Out of beads of different shells

Where other people call it
Their beach, Jones beach or Long beach
We had the most beautiful waterfall
On the other side of the railroad tracks.
We call it shady brook – that’s our beach,
our spot for the family.

Still a little girl and happy
It’s not a month that don’t go by
I was a Betty Crocker to Patty Play Pal
To Shirley Temple.
From my 4th older brother
Who is stationed in the Air Force.

I came from a father who worked
And a mother who stayed at home.
When the weekend rolled around
The house became a jam session.
Drinking and liquor – they never had to worry
The next morning cleaning up
I was the human vacuum cleaner.
As the years went on
The pains tears, sorrows
The fun, love laughter
Went out the windows.

I am from the most beautiful mother and father
Who raised 7 children
From the table to the garage
If there is nobody can say they’ve been in Hell
I am the eyewitness
I am FREE.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new opinion of myself

An opinion I once held but now I have changed, is that I felt that I was worthless. Now I know I have value.

I once believed I was worthless, because the road I chose was a life of drugs. Drugs had me mentally and physically stuck. I didn’t want to do any different in life, like look for work. I was lazy.

Physically I didn’t eat, go anywhere, brush my teeth, or get dressed up. My energy went chasing drugs. It was the only thing important to me. I have changed my opinion towards using drugs. I wasn’t gaining anything in life. I was tired of the life of drugs. Now that I’m clean and sober I look better and feel good about myself.

Today I challenge my fears in life that I was afraid to succeed, like by going to school and being around different attitudes and behaviors. I also cater to myself by dressing nice, getting my hands and feet done, doing my eyes and just loving me on the outside and in. This means respecting myself, humbling myself, and learning to respect and love the new drug free me.

Ejella Riley 3/10/10

Thursday, August 27, 2009


These tears that I cry
are of a heavy heart
my boys are gone
we are now apart
They were taken away
in the blink of an eye
now I sit here & wonder
why & I cry
I reflect on those days
when they were just little boys
playing together &
sharing their toys
With their other brothers & sister
they shared a strong bond
now the circle's been broken
since they've been gone
As their mother I'm left
with an ache in my heart
life will never be right
as long as we are apart
So I sit & I wonder
I cry & I cry
WHY have my babies been taken?
Oh, Lord, tell me, WHY?


Mom, Jeanne Occhiogrosso

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don’t want you to think I’m pushing you away,
but I have to go after I say what I came to say.
I need to explain to you how I feel
and I need you to tell me
if what I feel is real.

My love 4 you was a surprise
I felt it deep inside me when I looked into your eyes.
So when you see me I hope you understand
that I’m putting my heart
into your hands.

I am lonely I must admit
but you were there to help me quit
You make me happy when I’m sad
and I’m afraid to lose the best friend I ever had.
Am I expecting too much
to want to be with you
and feel your touch?

I will know the truth just by the look in your eyes.
I’ll take it like a woman and hold my cries.
Always remember I’m only a phone call away,
Regardless of what happens
I respect and love you more than ever

A mother’s broken heart

Opel Hunt

The day she came out of her mother’s womb
The radiant light from her eyes filled the room
She was a God-sent creation from heaven above
God impregnated me with a precious gift of my own to love
I watched her grow until she began to crawl
And then one day she began to walk
I thank God for her every day
Until one day I broke her heart.
God forgive me for breaking my little girl’s heart
Now I see I was just like that
little girl with a broken heart
My mother was in her mother’s womb
When she was born her radiance filled the room
And her mother was born with a broken heart
Please God, can you ever forgive us mothers
For breaking their little girls’ hearts?
Some day, will our little girls forgive us mothers
And give us a chance
To mend their hearts?

Dear God, I thank you for saving my life and cleaning me up
Just to give me another chance
To become a better mother
To mend my child’s heart.

Nivette, Bianca, Jasmine, Sinaia, Nyasia
You all mean the world to me
Please give mommy the chance to mend all of your broken hearts

My mother that I truly love,
Now I see that we were broken from the start
I love you mommy
I love you so much
Let’s allow God’s process to start
Mending our broken hearts

Philippeans 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me”

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glory House

This place is part for healing,
not only recovery.
Of healing all the hurt.

This place is part for healing,
part for rediscovering
who you were before you came here

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Diane

I am Diane. I live in a sober house.
I say to myself every day that
I can live a normal life like
I once shared with my son and my family.
I hope my family notices how hard
I’m working to get back their love that
I neglected for so long.
I dream that one day soon
I can have my life back together again.
I am Diane. I live in a sober house